So, it’s been a while since we updated but we’ve been designing like crazy.

Rather than list all the same pictures you could see in the shop i have taken some photos to give you an idea of what our badges physically look like:

Twilight Badges

Twilight badges
Taken from the recent film adaptation of the Book series twilight, these badges are great for fans of either the book or the film.

Patterns and stripes Badges

Patterns and stripes badges
Our recent addition of a Patterns category means that we have been working hard on getting some interesting pattern badges added, more to follow.

Geeky and nerdy badges

Geeky badges
It crowd, Office space, facebook, internet, etc etc we have everything for even the biggest geeks (like me)

Our other new designs

Random badges added in January
Our other new designs cover a whole range of things so we put them in one big picture.

With Christmas and new Year out of way we are making new updates as often as possible.

You may notice we have a new logo, we also have a new badge template which will show off our designs a bit better.

In terms of new designs we have gone for a big Twilight update. For those who do not know, twilight is a very popular series of books that has recently been made into a film.

As well as Twilight we have a few fancy dress badges aimed at Grease fans isn’t everybody? and a Nerdy badge for girls

Today we have 5 new single badges and one awesome badge pack.

All of them relate in some way to internet geekery.

For our designers out there our CMKY pack of badges is perfect, and at just 50p per badge!

For any gamers/nerds/geeks (me included) we have some great single badges including out The ring: RROD badge for Xbox haters and also our LOL iPwn and FAIL badges (all full of WIN).

Last but not least we present our Pedro lacks political experience badge for people who have common sense and would not vote for pedro.

More updates coming soon

Its happened! All change! Airraidclothing is shutting its doors to tshirts and all of that malarky and we are concentrating on what we do well Badges!

Bajj.co.uk sees the redinvention on our website, more updates, more designs, and best of all more deals.

Keep us bookmarked to see the new designs released weekly over the coming months.