So, it’s been a while since we updated but we’ve been designing like crazy.

Rather than list all the same pictures you could see in the shop i have taken some photos to give you an idea of what our badges physically look like:

Twilight Badges

Twilight badges
Taken from the recent film adaptation of the Book series twilight, these badges are great for fans of either the book or the film.

Patterns and stripes Badges

Patterns and stripes badges
Our recent addition of a Patterns category means that we have been working hard on getting some interesting pattern badges added, more to follow.

Geeky and nerdy badges

Geeky badges
It crowd, Office space, facebook, internet, etc etc we have everything for even the biggest geeks (like me)

Our other new designs

Random badges added in January
Our other new designs cover a whole range of things so we put them in one big picture.